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FAQ: where can I find boot media for SCO operating systems?

[ 2010-04-04 edition ]

This is a survey of downloadable boot media for SCO operating systems
including Xenix, Unix, Open Desktop, OpenServer, OpenUNIX and UnixWare.

Boot media are useful for various system tasks such as updates,
troubleshooting, rescue / repair, migration.

All pathnames are relative to; e.g. find a SCO
OpenServer 5.0.7 bootable ISO in the directory: + openserver5/507/iso/

A number of partial and in some cases complete mirrors of the SCO FTP
repository exist, in case itself is unavailable.  Search the
web for the filename you're interested in.

If the path ends in a '/', it is a directory.  Read the text files in it
to determine which file(s) to download and how to handle them.  If the
path contains a '*' it is a wildcard; look at the various matches and
their text files, determine which is the one you need.  In any case,
always read the text file for any special notes regarding the selected
boot image.

ISO images in this list are bootable.  Many of them also have bootable
floppy images saved in a subdirectory.

Some of these are generic boot images from the named product, others are
special purpose fixes for particular machines.  The special purpose
images _may_ work on other systems.  There are releases of SCO operating
systems which have only special-purpose boot images available, so you
have little choice but to try them.

ALWAYS DOWNLOAD IN BINARY MODE.  Many Windows web browsers will get this
wrong.  Download with a real FTP client (Windows ftp.exe is adequate).
Use the "bin" command to force binary mode.

*.Z files are compressed with either standard Unix `compress` or SCO's
extended `compress -H`.  These are uncompressible with `gzip` on all
modern *ix systems.

Floppy images generally must be written to a physical floppy; ISO images
to a physical writable CD.  Virtual equivalents (remote KVM media,
virtualization environments) should also work in many cases.


   AS  -- Application Server (UnixWare Server)
   CMW -- Compartmented Mode Workstation
   ISA -- Industry Standard Architecture: IBM PC/AT-compatible slots
   ISO -- ISO 9660 filesystem: a CD-ROM image
   MCA -- MicroChannel Architecture: IBM PS/2-compatible slots
   N/A -- Not available
   NSC -- NonStop Clusters, UnixWare clustering add-onle slots
   ODT -- Open Desktop: Unix + TCP + NFS + X11 etc., workstation/server OS
   OSR -- OpenServer: later name of ODT
   OU  -- OpenUNIX 8.0.0, brief rename of UW in place of "7.1.2"
   PE  -- Personal Edition (UnixWare Desktop)
   POS -- Point Of Sale: embedded application platform
   UW  -- UnixWare

Note: early releases required different boot disks for ISA vs. MCA
architecture, different floppy drive types, and tape vs. floppy install
media (only matters if you are going to be trying to read full-pruduct
install media using the boot disk).  386 Xenix 2.3.2 had a different
kernel and install media for SCSI (Adaptec 154x only) vs. ST506/ESDI.
UnixWare 2.0 had separate boot media for PE vs. AS.

   Path on    Operating system(s)
   ================================  ======================================
   N/A                               Xenix 8086, LISA, etc.
   N/A                               Xenix < 2.3.2 [try 2.3.2]
   N/A                               Xenix 286 MCA
   SLS/xnx264.n1.Z                   Xenix 2.3.2 286 ISA
   N/A                               Xenix 2.3.2 386 ISA [try 2.3.4]
   N/A                               Xenix 2.3.2 386 ISA + SCSI [try 2.3.4]
   EFS/efs100.n1.Z                   Xenix 2.3.2 386 MCA 3.5" (SCSI)
   SLS/xnx232b.n1.Z                  Xenix 2.3.2 386 MCA 3.5" (ESDI)
   EFS/efs132.n1.Z                   Xenix 2.3.4 386 ISA 3.5"
   EFS/efs124.n1.Z                   Xenix 2.3.4 386 MCA 3.5"
   N/A                               Unix 3.2.0 [try 3.2v2.0]
   N/A                               Unix 3.2.1/ODT 1.0 [try 3.2v2.0]
   EFS/efs1.135.n1d.Z                Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 ISA 3.5"
   EFS/efs1.135.n1t.Z                Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 ISA 3.5"+tape
   EFS/efs114.n1                     Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 ISA 3.5"
   EFS/efs1.96.n1d.Z                 Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 ISA 5.25"
   EFS/efs1.96.n1t.Z                 Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 ISA 5.25"+tape
   EFS/                 Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 MCA 3.5"
   EFS/                 Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 MCA 3.5"+tape
   EFS/efs117.n1d.Z                  Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 MCA 3.5"
   EFS/efs117.n1t.Z                  Unix 3.2v2.0/ODT 1.1 MCA 3.5"+tape
   SLS/unx365b.n135.Z                Unix 3.2v4.0/4.1 3.5"
   SLS/unx365b.n196.Z                Unix 3.2v4.0/4.1 5.25"
   SLS/oda366b.n135.Z                ODT 2.0 (3.2v4.1-based) 3.5"
   SLS/oda366b.n196.Z                ODT 2.0 (3.2v4.1-based) 5.25"
   Supplements/ms101.35.n1.Z         Unix 3.2v4.1 3.5"
   Supplements/ms101.96.n1.Z         Unix 3.2v4.1 5.25"
   SLS/uod383bun1.Z                  Unix 3.2v4.2
   SLS/uod383bon1.Z                  ODT 3.0 (3.2v4.2-based)
   SLS/uod429a.Z                     ODT 3.0, Unix 3.2v4.2 3.5"
   SLS/cmw490a.Z                     CMW+ 3.0 (ODT 3.0-based)
   openserver5/oss431a.boot.Z        OSR 5.0.0
   pos/demo/demofloppy/              POS demo (OSR5.0.[02]-based)
   openserver5/oss444a.Z             OSR 5.0.[02]
   openserver5/oss463b.n0            OSR 5.0.4
   openserver5/oss604a.boot          OSR 5.0.5
   N/A                               OSR 5.0.6 [try 5.0.7]
   openserver5/507/iso/              OSR 5.0.7
   openserver5/507/patches/oss670a/  OSR 5.0.7
   openserver6/600/iso/              OSR 6.0.0
   N/A                               UW 1.0 [try 1.1]
   UW11/boot1.tar                    UW 1.1
   UW11/ptf202.dd.Z                  UW 1.1
   UW20/2069*.dd                     UW 2.0.1 AS/PE
   UW20/tf2183.boot.*                UW 2.0.1 AS/PE
   UW20/tf2219.boot.*                UW 2.0.[123] AS/PE
   UW21/ptf3035.boot.dd              UW 2.1.[01]
   UW21/ptf3256.boot.dd              UW 2.1.[012]
   UW21/upd213/                      UW 2.1.3
   unixware7/ptf7055b.bt1.dd         UW 7.0.0
   N/A                               UW 7.0.1 [try 7.0.0, 7.1.0]
   unixware7/ptf7425b.bt1.dd         UW 7.1.0
   unixware7/ptf7619d/               UW 7.1.1
   download/492-000-102DL/           UW 7.1.1 (NSC-specific?)
   N/A                               OU 8.0.0 [try 7.1.3]
   unixware7/713/ptf9000d/           UW 7.1.3
   unixware7/714/iso/                UW 7.1.4



megasas Driver version 2013.11.05 (osr600)

$ qemu-system-i386 -device megasas,id=scsi -drive if=none,id=hd1,file=openserver6_4GB.vmdk -device scsi-hd,drive=hd1 -fda hba.megasas.2013.11.05.image -cdrom OpenServer-6.0.0Ni-2006-02-08-1513.iso

OpenServer 6.0.0 Supplements