Updates to Actions on Google Policies: Smart Home and Alcohol,Tobacco & Drugs

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Dear Actions on Google and Home Automation Developers,

We're making some important changes to our Smart-enabled devices policy that will go into effect starting April 11, 2021. The changes are part of our continued effort to increase the security and safety of our users, bring more transparency on certification requirements to our developers, and support the quality of the smart home ecosystem we are building together.


The updated policy will apply to both Conversational Actions and smart home Actions, and will feature updated smart home documentation and language around secondary user verification, guidance on required features, and new requirements for the use of the 'Works with Hey Google' badge and related brand marks.


We are also making some updates to our Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs policy which includes prohibiting the sale of tobacco products on our platform and referencing the brand guidelines for Alcohol related Actions.


Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into Actions on Google to date. Please reach out to the Support team if you have any questions.


The Actions on Google Team


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Moun​tain Vie​w, CA 94​043


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