Cloud Functions for Firebase support for Node 6 runtime will shut down, please update to a newer version before September 5, 2020

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Update your Node.js runtime version before August 5, 2020.
Hi Sangyong,

We are writing to inform you about changes for Cloud Functions that use the Node.js 6 runtime (which will be shut down). On April 30, 2019, Node.js 6 was marked end-of-life by the Node.js Foundation. To ensure that your functions are on a supported version of Node.js, you must update them to a newer Node.js runtime.

What will change?
  • Beginning August 5, 2020: The Firebase CLI (all versions) will stop supporting new deploys and updates of Node.js 6 functions. Existing Node.js 6 functions will continue executing until September 5, 2020.
  • Beginning September 5, 2020: We are shutting down all support for the Node.js 6 runtime, so all Node.js 6 functions will stop executing.
What do I need to do?

Please review your functions in your projects, listed below, and take the following actions to migrate off of the Node.js 6 runtime before August 5, 2020.

To ensure that your functions are on a supported version of Node.js, please migrate to the Node.js 10 runtime as soon as possible. You may choose to upgrade to Node.js 8 however, on Dec 31, 2019, Node.js 8 was marked end-of-life by the Node.js Foundation, and will no longer be supported by Google Cloud Functions beginning February 15, 2021.

    • Update from Node.js 6 to Node.js 8 or Node.js 10:
    • Starting June 22, 2020, to deploy Node.js 10 functions, you will need to:
    • Bear in mind that existing Node.js 10 functions will continue executing without these new requirements.
    • Starting February 15, 2021, we'll no longer support new deploys and updates of Node.js 8 functions. Then, starting March 15, 2021, we'll no longer support executions of Node.js 8 functions.

Your projects listed below have been identified as having used Node.js 6 in the past 180 days and may be affected by this change.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please read our Firebase FAQ. As always, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for using Firebase! ♡
Raj on behalf of the Firebase team

You have received this mandatory service announcement to update you about important changes to Firebase or your account.
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